Kennet & Avon Canal: Thatcham to Reading, Part 2

OK, here we go. The home stretch. 5 miles to go.

As much as we enjoyed walking this majestic canal, I am eager to finish blogging about it at this stage in the proceedings. Although, there was so much to see and write about on the Kennet & Avon Canal that it seemed wrong to leave anything out.

So let’s get back to where we were; The Fox & Hounds pub near Theale, Berkshire just outside Reading.

We walked back from the pub to the towpath which took us through a stunning landscape of locks, fields, reservoirs and lakes, one of which was a strange but beautiful shade of blue. It felt like we were miles from civilisation although there was a major city just a few kilometres away. Going under the M4 motorway bridge was the only reminder of this we encountered.



M4 Motorway bridge

After a couple of miles, we reached our last watering hole before Reading itself. We thoroughly enjoyed the ideal canal-side location of The Cunning Man with its great selection of beers and ciders and its suntrap garden.


The Cunning Man, approaching Reading

We knew the outskirts of Reading were not far from here. As we progressed we started to see signs that we were approaching an urban area again; buildings, foot and railway bridges, more moorings and narrowboats, fences and concrete paths. We also came across a fantastic zig-zag weir that was worth a few pictures.


Weir approaching Reading

Continue to our arrival in Reading and the conclusion of this canal on the next page below;

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