River Avon Trail: Bristol to Bath, Part 2

As promised, Part 2 of this beautiful river walk is here. Hope you enjoyed part 1 of this walk along the River Avon Trail from Hanham Mills in Bristol to Bath city centre. We have gorgeous river scenery, an old brass mill, bridges, locks, marinas and more pubs for you in the second half.

Let’s pick up from where we last finished, the Jolly Sailor just outside Saltford.

dsc01584From here we had only been walking a few minutes before we arrived at another pub, the Bird in Hand. This pub is right next to the Bristol and Bath railway path, an old trainline which now serves as a cycle and walking route.



River Avon, approaching Saltford



The Bird in Hand

Having left this pub and walking through Saltford we found that our path took us past Saltford Brass Mill, formerly owned and operated by the Bristol Brass Company, a fascinating building complete with furnaces and the original waterwheel.



Saltford Brass Mill

dsc01619 We had not realised prior to this that there was a huge brass-making industry in the area until the mills were shut down in the 1920’s. One of the mill’s main sources of revenue was the supply of brass to brass pin manufacturers, one of which was located in Bath.

We exited the mill to find that it was pouring with rain so we very quickly made our way to the next indoor area we could find – the Riverside Inn, right next to Saltford Marina.



Weir on River Avon, Saltford




The Riverside Inn



Luckily by the time we had finished our drinks here the rain had stopped and we carried on our journey to Bath along a wooded footpath which eventually led us back under the Bristol and Bath railway path – a large bridge over the river,which seemed to be providing an excellent canvas for the local graffiti artists.

dsc01639dsc01638dsc01643dsc01644dsc01645dsc01654dsc01664dsc01665dsc01669dsc01672dsc01674dsc01676After this the track opened out to take us through fields up to Newbridge on the outskirts of Bath; here we found another pub, The Boathouse.


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