Wye Valley: Redbrook Circular

Join us for our third circular walk in the Wye Valley and the latest instalment in our mission to walk the River Wye, the 5th longest river in England, in its entirety.

Starting and finishing in the delightful town of Redbrook, we followed Offa’s Dyke Path south down the ‘English’ side of the Wye, crossed the river at Bigsweir Bridge just as we did on our Tintern Circular, and then picked up the Wye Valley Walk to take up back up the ‘Welsh’ side of the Wye. A pub and a footbridge back across to our staring point at Redbrook concluded the walk.




Riverside Park, Redbrook

This was our shortest circular in the Wye Valley so far, clocking in at just over 7 miles. However, the weather was far worse than last time, varying between cloudy and dry to cloudy and wet.

Having had a quick wander around the park to look at the river and the footbridge, we followed the signs for Offa’s Dyke Path and began the walk.


River Wye at Redbrook


Footbridge, Redbrook

As we followed the signs we were being lead closer and closer to an extremely steep hill that would take us right up to the forest at the top of the ridge some 160 metres above river level. Steps started the climb leading us past several properties dug into the hillside, many of which didn’t look accessible by car.
The pathway then began a muddy track leading up a steep and slippery hillside stretch. We’ve climbed higher hills but it was the steepness of this one that made it challenging. The higher we got, the better the view of Redbrook and the surrounding valley became.



Redbrook from Offa’s Dyke Path


At the very top the path lead us through dense woodland at Highbury Wood nature reserve.

Eventually the path emerged in open fields so we could enjoy the rolling Gloucestershire hills even as it started to rain.
The path then plunged us back into woodland and we follow a windy and, at times, indecipherable path back down the hill toward the river and our crossing point.

As we emerged from the forest onto a road we could see Bigsweir Bridge. The weather changed from poor to bad as we walked back down to the river. Some signs reminded us that we were leaving Gloucestershire.
The walk continues back to Redbrook on the next page…

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