Frome Valley Walkway, Part 1

Time for something a bit more urban than we’re used to. Come with me on a day’s walking one of our local river trails, the Frome Valley Walkway which runs from its source near Tormarton in the Cotswold hills to its mouth where it spills into the Avon near Castle Park in central Bristol. Please see this booklet for a map and interesting information about my route.


Castle Street, Bristol

The route is covered in history as this area used to be covered in milling and mining operations. The names of some of the settlements are no coincidence (Iron Acton, Coalpit Heath).

Early on a Saturday morning I made my way into Bristol so I clould follow the Frome all the way back to Chipping Sodbury where we live. I covered almost 16 miles this day, although the footpath actually continues through Chipping Sodbury and out into the countryside to Old Sodbury and then Tormarton for another 3 miles. I will have to finish of the route another time.

I began what was essentially a very long walk home at Castle Park, the original site of Bristol Castle, in Bristol centre.

We left Caste Park and followed River Street, under which the Frome runs. The river then emerged from a culvert and we followed it through Riverside Park. It felt different, almost strange, following a river with such unnatural surroundings.


River Frome, Bristol



Riverside Park, Bristol

dsc03900dsc03902dsc03903dsc03904dsc03906dsc03907dsc03909The river then left the park and disappeared underground again. The next part of the Frome runs under the M32 Motorway so we followed the pathway though art-covered tunnels and small grassy pockets in the cityscape.


M32 Motorway, Bristol

Having followed a subway under the road, we then met up with the River again under the M32 where it begins to flow through Eastville Park, a Victorian park in the north-eastern region of Eastville in Bristol.

The river then takes a wonderfully scenic route through the Park for some time which was welcome relief from the concrete and car-noise of the centre of Bristol.

We followed the river through forest and past weirs and bridges before we emerged at Snuff Mills in the Stapleton area of Bristol.

Across Frome Bridge, we arrived in Snuff Mills park and local nature reserve which is managed by the National Trust.

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4 thoughts on “Frome Valley Walkway, Part 1

  1. Some great pictures as usual. It just goes to show that one can find opportunities for enjoying natural beauty even in the most surprising of places. Looking forward to Part II when you are ready.

    Liked by 1 person

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