Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal: Crickhowell to Pontypool, Part 2

The downpour continues in Part 2 of Crickhowell to Pontypool. We were just over halfway and soaking wet. Heading off from Llanfoist Wharf (our location at the end of Part 1) we battled on though the weather which seemed to be getting worse by the minute.
DSC02750DSC02753DSC02755DSC02758DSC02762DSC02763DSC02764We were still able to take in the views of lush green fields, rows of colourful boats and a whole bank of purple foxgloves. A good few miles from the nearest town, we persevered and tried to keep our spirits up.
DSC02767DSC02769DSC02778DSC02785We were looking forward to arriving at the next landmark Goytre Wharf – a marina and visitor centre at which we were hoping that there would be some sort of shelter and place to sit down. Up until this point we had been walking in heavy rain for several hours and despite our coats, we were absolutely drenched with our only shelter being only the occasional canal bridge. As we began to see lots of narrowboats moored on the opposite side of the canal we knew we were getting close.

DSC02790DSC02791DSC02793 (2)DSC02794


Goyre Wharf


Aqueduct, Goytre Wharf

DSC02801We ran up to the main building only to find that the café had shut half an hour ago. We were forced to carry on.

The walk continues on the next page…

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