Worcester & Birmingham Canal: Droitwich Spa to Hopwood, Part 1


We paced back to the bridge to re-join the canal. We carried on and barely half a mile down the path we came to our second pub stop. It looked so much further on the map.



Stoke Prior



The Boat and Railway, Stoke Prior


This place had a nice canal-side terrace where we enjoyed another drink before heading on toward. Despite our genuine attempt to make progress, about another mile down the cut, we came across another pub, The Navigation Inn at Stoke Prior.



The Navigation Inn, Stoke Prior

After a quick drink here, we journey on down the towpath again. After not much more than another kilometre, we reached yet another pub.  This was a very nice stretch with many colourful boats and nice scenery.



Stoke Wharf



Stoke Top Lock


We stumbled across one of the best pubs I can remember going to on one of our walks. The Queen’s Head, next to the canal just outside Bromsgrove, was an up-market modern delight. We really didn’t want to leave this one. We liked it so much it made our Top 10 Pubs list. The Queens Head is operated by the Lovely Pub Company; we had been to one of their pubs before at Lapworth Locks on the Stratford-Upon-Avon Canal which also made our top 10.





The Queens Head



Our calm was then suddenly broken when a harsh reality suddenly surfaced, namely, we realised that it was already 3pm and due to all the pub stops we had only completed 5 miles of the walk.

Here is where we end this chapter. Make sure you come back for the next part of this walk in which, with well over half the route still to do at mid-afternoon, we attempted to complete the rest before dark. Too much of a good thing…

Hope you enjoyed this. You should catch up on my first walk along the Worcester and Birmingham Canal from Worcester to Droitwich Spa if you didn’t read it before.

The next part of this walk will be up soon. Blogging is infrequent at the moment as everything is still quite manic this end. I have a week off work coming up and hope to get some walking and writing done then.

As always, thanks for reading.

Best Regards, 




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