Worcester & Birmingham Canal: Droitwich Spa to Hopwood, Part 1

As painful as it’s going to be for me to look back at these journeys and write about them now, we did visit some wonderful places and do some amazing walks together and it would be a shame not to share them. The show must go on as they say.

At the end of last year, Harriet and I ventured back up to Droitwich Spa in Worcestershire to do a two-day walk from there along the Worcester and Birmingham Canal, ending up at the historic Gas Street Basin in central Birmingham and therefore completing that canal in its entirety. The first stretch from Worcester to Droitwich Spa was one of the first walks we ever did together.

This post brings you with us on the first day of that walk; approximately 13 miles starting at Droitwich Spa where we finished the last stretch some months ago and ending at our accommodation in Hopwood outside Birmingham.


Droitwich Junction Canal, Droitwich Spa

Arriving in Droitwich Spa, we headed out of town on the Droitwich Junction Canal which connects back up to the main line about a mile up. You may remember we had to come off the main canal to get down into Droitwich last time in order to get the train back to Worcester.

You have already seen this first stretch of canal the last time we walked here so here are just a few shots of the reverse route back up to the mainline.


At the top of the flight of locks lad leads down into Droitwich, the Eagle and Sun is located in fantastic spot right on the canal junction. It is an injustice that this pub didn’t make it into my Top 10 Pubs list.


We followed the canal North through open countryside and the kind of scenery that we were more than used to from one of these walks.


There were locks at regular intervals as normal but one lock was particularly memorable with its pristine flower beds and hanging baskets.




We carried on down the towpath past more locks and then under a bridge, the other side of which there was a long straight stretch of canal. This meant we had reached our first watering hole; The Bowling Green which fittingly did have its own bowling green out the back. We didn’t partake on this occasion.



The Bowling Green, near Stoke Works

We had a drink before pressing on. As we left I looked at the map again and realised that we had a flurry of pubs coming up in quick succession. We would later learn that frequent pubs can be a bad thing on a walk as well as good.

The walk continues on the next page…

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