Just Visiting: Marple, Greater Manchester

Whilst I was in Cheshire in July to visit Manchester and also do some canal walking I stayed in the town of Marple just outside Stockport.

I stayed for two nights at the Ring O’ Bells pub in Marple and couldn’t have stayed in a nicer place. The pub itself is located right on Marple Junction where the Peak Forest Canal and Macclesfield Canal meet. Rarely do I secure accommodation at a better or more convenient location.


Macclesfield Canal, just outside Ring O’ Bells



Marple Wharf



Marple Junction



This junction and these canals make up a key part of the Cheshire Canal Ring, depicted below.

From the junction you can follow the Peak Forest Canal north through Marple toward Manchester and you will find Marple Lock Flight, a flight of 16 locks making it the joint 7th longest in the UK.


The canal cascades down through residential areas and municipals parks, going downhill and away from the town centre.


After passing through a wooded area toward the bottom of the flight, you reach Marple aqueduct that carries the canal over the Goyt Valley. The aqueduct runs alongside Marple Viaduct.


Marple aqueduct is the tallest masonry-arched aqueduct in the country and is a designated transport heritage site.


Marple Aqueduct


The height of the aqueduct was startling and so was the fact that on the opposite side to the towpath there was no guard rail or any edge protection whatsoever, just a sheer drop into the Goyt valley below.

Marple had so much to show us and I will definitely be revisiting should I be in Cheshire again. At some point in the near future I will be showing you more canal walking on the Cheshire Ring which was so enjoyable. Look out for my accounts of walking the Macclesfield and Peak Forest canals.

Blogging is a slow process for me at the moment. Constructing the posts themselves isn’t that time consuming but it’s taking me a long time and so much strength to go through all my photos and confront all these memories. I didn’t anticipate it being this hard.

It will get easier with time and at some point I will be blogging regularly like before. Coming (relatively) soon will be the last instalment of walking the Mon & Brec Canal, more of the Cotswold Way (read the first stretch here), the rest of the Worcester & Birmingham Canal (read Part 1 and Part 2 here) and walking the Thames and Severn Way.

Thanks for reading as always.

Best Regards,ย 


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