2018: Chasing Sunsets

As this is my first published item of 2018 after a long hiatus, I feel a re-cap is in order. Allow me to reintroduce myself. Below is a picture of me taken about 3 weeks ago.


If you have been reading this blog since the start (or if you have had time to go back and read some of the earlier offerings) you will notice that I look very different to how I did when I first started writing this in 2016. I feel totally different which is because my life now is totally different. The only constant has been my fondness of a good walk.

Whilst looking for an older picture of me in the archives of this blog, I noticed something; in all of approximately 1000 images that can be found in these pages, only about 10 of them have me in them. This is could be easily explained by the fact that I am always holding the camera. However, I could at various points have asked someone else to take pictures of me and so it would seem that this has never really occurred to me. I have pictures of the place but, almost always, not me in the place.

It would be easy to overthink this trying to find some sort of deeper personal meaning in it. One thing I can take from this is that the blog so far has been quite impersonal and my writing has focused almost solely on it’s environment and very little on the person behind it. Perhaps this is a natural shortcoming of a blog like this which is fundamentally about environments and the joy to be found in them. But in the end this is about me and my adventures. It’s easy to romanticise something your passionate about but whether I walk 5 miles or 50 miles, to me each one is an adventure. So expect to hear a little more from Me in the content to come. A little more human perspective and a bit less robotic commentary I feel would be a good start which is why I wanted to start by formally reintroducing myself.

Even if you had read every post Greenspace Walking has published, you would so far know very little about me beyond my name and where I live. So here goes…



My name is Adam. I live in the city Bath in the county of Somerset in England, UK. In June this year I celebrated my 28th birthday. I spend my weekdays in an office working as an insurance broker. I spend my weekends seeing friends or walking but preferably both. My other passion is music. Maybe I will have the time to blog about that one day as well. The picture of me above sums me up pretty well. I’m on a walk, wearing a slight smile, I’m enjoying the sunset by myself, my jacket is cheap, the sunglasses belong to a friend and so did the shorts until a few weeks ago, I have my earphones in, I still felt the need to style my hair even though I’m in the middle of nowhere and I haven’t had the foresight to realise it will  be too cold for shorts once the sun goes down.

Walking has always been an escape for me and a means of release. I like doing it with friends but am also happy to do it alone. The peace and calm helps me to think, to rationalise, to mentally tackle life’s problems and to unwind. ‘Headspace’ is the desired effect. I love a view, a river, a canal, rolling countryside and I don’t mind if there is the odd pub along the way either. How this works is I go on a walk in a nice place, I take pictures of it with the sort of camera that a professional photographer wouldn’t let their dog chew on, I come back, I show you where I went and tell you what it was like. It’s a simple process and extremely therapeutic. I hope you enjoy what’s to come.

This summer I was determined to make the most of the long days and great weather and frequently went walking in the evenings after work (no angry comments below because I just spoke about summer in the past tense please). I set myself the task of finding the best spot in Bath to watch the sun go down. I tried 5 different locations. I’ll leave you with some pictures from the first one. I took these at the top of Little Solsbury Hill, an area of National Trust owned land at the top of a hill next to one of the villages on the fringes of Bath called Batheaston. The views were long and clear despite the thick cloud. Remarkably there was a period of no more than a few minutes when the sun dropped below the band of grey cloud just before setting, lingering visibly above the horizon. I was lucky to catch this very short-lived sunset.


I have lots of the Cotswold way to show you as I completed it earlier this year so some of that will follow shortly. Who knows what after that.

As always, thanks for reading. It’s good to be back.

Keep exploring.

Best Regards, 


Twitter: @greenspacewalk1
Instagram: greenspacewalking

9 thoughts on “2018: Chasing Sunsets

  1. Yeah, good to have this blog back. Thank you – I will look forward to more posts of lovely English scenery and walks. I have likewise had a bit of a stretch of time since my last post on 100yearswalking but you’ve inspired me to pick it up again!

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