Cotswold Way: Dursley to Wotton-Under-Edge

It’s safe to say that blogging dropped off the priority list for a while. Whilst I have never stopped walking in the time I was away, I definitely needed a break from writing about it. Now that I feel ready to start again, let’s not waste time.

Another instalment of my walk along the Cotswold Way is well overdue at this point. I am very pleased to say that I actually completed the Cotswold Way back in March of this year so there is lots more of this to follow.

Last year when I embarked on my second day of walking my local national trail, the weather was amazing with barely a cloud in the sky. The route also had some staggering views; some of the best I’ve seen anywhere. Here are the best moments from my second stint on the Cotswold Way, an approximately 8 mile stretch from Dursley to Wotton-Under-Edge.

Having got the train to Cam & Dursley train station and then waited for a bus to take me into Dursley (the train station is about 3 miles from Dursley town centre), I arrived in the old market town and immediately saw signs for the Cotswold Way.




The route immediately lead me up a steep lane which petered out into a woody track. It was an arduous climb to the top of Stinchcombe Hill but, after a couple of stops to catch breath, I emergence at the top where Stinchcombe Golf Course is found.



Stinchcombe Golf Course


Upon reaching the golf course I had the option to keep following the path around the edge of the golf course which over looks miles of stunning countryside or take a short cut across the golf course and start heading straight back down the hill which would shave approximately 2 miles off of my total distance for the day. I never even considered taking the short cut and started to follow the path around the golf course’s perimeter.


I spent so much on this part of the walk just standing around repeatedly taking pictures of the view. I found it so hard to walk away in case I hadn’t got the best possible shot. I could have captured these panoramas a hundred times and none of the pictures would have done justice to how amazing it looked on that day with the naked eye.


As I made my way round the top of Stinchcombe Hill, Tyndale Monument came into view on top of another hill in the distance. This was my next destination.


The views got even better as I carried on along the path. The views over the River Severn and into Wales were the best I had seen in a while. I know a bad workman always blames his tools but, truth be told, my camera really is built for shots like this as it is very basic. I did my best anyhow.


I could have stayed here all day snapping away but I still had about three quarters of the walk to do and it was already 2pm so I had to press on. I continued along the ridge and then began my decent toward the village of North Nibley, the halfway point of the walk at the foot of the next climb up to the monument.

DSC06150DSC06151DSC06152DSC06155DSC06156 (2)DSC06159DSC06161DSC06166DSC06168DSC06169DSC06171DSC06172

The walk continues on the next page…

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