Everything You Need to Know About This Blog

This blog belongs to me Adam. I am the sole contributor. I am a walking enthusiast from England, UK who likes to explore.

When I am not working my day-job in an office, I like to be as far as possible from the noise of normal life. I use this time to think, take in the sights and relax.

I live in Bath, Somerset, England.

There are some things you should know about me;

  • I do this purely for leisure and not for any competitive or commercial reason.
  • I am not a professional or semi-professional photographer.
  • I am not a mountain-climber
  • I hate litter
  • I prefer canal and rivers walks but are open to others as well

I like to take pictures so I can share what I have seen. On here you will find the best of my snaps and the odd tasteless selfie. I will try and point out the best places to stop, stay and travel to in case anyone wants to try any of the routes we have done themselves.

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Please see the contact page if you would like to speak to me.

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