Wye Valley: Redbrook Circular

Join us for our third circular walk in the Wye Valley and the latest instalment in our mission to walk the River Wye, the 5th longest river in England, in its entirety. Starting and finishing in the delightful town of Redbrook, we followed Offa's Dyke Path south down the 'English' side of the Wye, crossed the river at Bigsweir Bridge … Continue reading Wye Valley: Redbrook Circular

Wye Valley: Tintern Circular

I am pleased to present the long awaited follow-up to our Symonds Yat Circular; our second ramble in the Wye Valley in which we completed a route devised by us which has become known since, and shall be known hereafter, as the Tintern Circular. On the evening of the 19th June 2016 I sat restlessly on our sofa wondering how I … Continue reading Wye Valley: Tintern Circular

Wye Valley: Symonds Yat Circular

Herefordshire is another beautiful county in easy reach of where we live. Although it is largely dominated by agricultural land, the river Wye flows through the county, running through the Wye Valley which has some of the best riverside places that you can visit in the whole of the UK. Canonised Romantic poet William Wordsworth wrote of the Wye Valley in … Continue reading Wye Valley: Symonds Yat Circular