Updated (again): Bath to Bradford-on-Avon

Now that we live in Bath, there really is no excuse not to do our favourite local canal walk as often as possible. This post, as promised, has been updated with better pictures. This is the third time I have updated this one; hopefully this version will prove to be definitive. The new and improved account … Continue reading Updated (again): Bath to Bradford-on-Avon

Not Just Visiting: Bath

It's good to be back after nearly a three week absence in which Harriet and I moved house, moved offices and have made a new start in the amazing city of Bath. We are so happy to have moved back to this wonderful place. We have fittingly given the blog a bit of a makeover. … Continue reading Not Just Visiting: Bath

River Avon Trail: Bristol to Bath, Part 2

As promised, Part 2 of this beautiful river walk is here. Hope you enjoyed part 1 of this walk along the River Avon Trail from Hanham Mills in Bristol to Bath city centre. We have gorgeous river scenery, an old brass mill, bridges, locks, marinas and more pubs for you in the second half. Let's pick up from where … Continue reading River Avon Trail: Bristol to Bath, Part 2

River Avon Trail: Bristol to Bath, Part 1

This 13 mile walk follows the River Avon from Hanham Mills on the outskirts of Bristol to Bath (the Bristol Avon, not to be confused with Shakespeare's Avon or any of the others). We wanted to ensure we had finished the entire Kennet & Avon Navigation and not just the canal itself which have already completed. We ventured to the riverside hamlet … Continue reading River Avon Trail: Bristol to Bath, Part 1

Updated – Just Visiting: Bath

While undertaking the dull task of backing up all my recent photos, a ritual that takes place at least monthly, I found a couple more photos of bath that I did not include in our 'Just Visiting' post for Bath. I have added these now should you care to take a look. The updated post can … Continue reading Updated – Just Visiting: Bath

On the Horizon: Bristol to Bath

This Saturday we are doing the final stretch of the Kennet & Avon Canal having genuinely believed we had already finished it at the end of our last walk! Having conquered the Berkshire stretch of towpath and riverside right-of-way from Hungerford to Reading, we got home, delighted with our achievement, only to discover a shocking fact. Namely, the term 'The … Continue reading On the Horizon: Bristol to Bath

Just Visiting: Bath

Having both been to university in this visually stunning and culturally rich place (but not actually met at the time, despite us both living there for the same three years), Harriet and I are frequent visitors of Bath as we love the city and have friends that live there. There is so much that a visitor to Bath … Continue reading Just Visiting: Bath