Updated (again): Bath to Bradford-on-Avon

Now that we live in Bath, there really is no excuse not to do our favourite local canal walk as often as possible. This post, as promised, has been updated with better pictures. This is the third time I have updated this one; hopefully this version will prove to be definitive. The new and improved account … Continue reading Updated (again): Bath to Bradford-on-Avon

Just Visiting: Bristol

Bristol is a fantastic city. It is rife with music, markets, street food and art. You can even see an original Banksy if you go to the right places. The city has a rich history; you can learn a lot about how Bristol was once a hub for Britains involvement in the slave trade in … Continue reading Just Visiting: Bristol

Kennet and Avon Canal: Bath to Bradford-on-Avon

Our fondness of walking is fairly recent development in our lives, relatively speaking. This stretch of canal is probably the walk that made us want to do more of the same.  Easily achievable in a few hours, this section of the Kennet and Avon Canal is ideal for those looking for something aesthetically pleasing and not particularly onerous at … Continue reading Kennet and Avon Canal: Bath to Bradford-on-Avon