Just Visiting: Bristol

Bristol is a fantastic city. It is rife with music, markets, street food and art. You can even see an original Banksy if you go to the right places. The city has a rich history; you can learn a lot about how Bristol was once a hub for Britains involvement in the slave trade in … Continue reading Just Visiting: Bristol

Greenspace Talking: ‘National Trails’

It has occurred to us that quite a few of our walks are using National Trails or at least following them for a short duration. Henceforth, there will now be a new 'section' on the site allowing readers to easily access walks that follow National Trails (or parts thereof), whether we set out to do so or not. This … Continue reading Greenspace Talking: ‘National Trails’

On the Horizon: Wotton-under-Edge to Old Sodbury, Cotswold Way

We have decided to begin walking our most local National Trail this weekend, the Cotswold Way which runs from Bath to Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire. The entire route from start to finish is 106 miles. Over the course of what likely to be a long time, we aim to complete the entire trail. We will be … Continue reading On the Horizon: Wotton-under-Edge to Old Sodbury, Cotswold Way

Birds II

As the first one went down so well, here is another batch of our best pictures of waterbirds from our travels. Votes on which one is the cutest at the bottom please. More wildlife to come in the not so distant future. Hope you liked and, as always, thanks for reading. Keep Exploring! Best Regards, … Continue reading Birds II

Castle Combe Circular, Cotswolds

Castle Combe is a small village in Wiltshire, England, on the edge of the Cotswolds AONB. Some may know it as home to the Castle Combe Circuit, a car and bike racetrack, but in sharp contrast to the high-octane activities undertaken nearby, the village itself is beautiful. Many of its buildings are hundreds of years old, … Continue reading Castle Combe Circular, Cotswolds

Birds I

Spending lots of time outdoors means that inevitably we have seen a great deal of wildlife by this point. Although not all of it has been considerate enough to stay still so I can take a photo of it, most do comply and so it would be a shame not to share some of the best pics we have taken, … Continue reading Birds I

On the Horizon: Monmouth Circular

This coming weekend we are heading back to the Wye Valley for our third excursion along the banks of the River Wye. Our goal is to have cumulatively walked along the entirety of the Wye from source (or as close as we can get to it) to its mouth at Chepstow where it spills into … Continue reading On the Horizon: Monmouth Circular