Plants 5

It goes with out saying we love this time of year when everything is in bloom. It is so important to make the most of Spring and Summer while we have them. Here are a few reasons why.

Plants IV

You can tell that winter is on its way out; the days are getting longer and milder... or so I'm told. I haven't noticed it myself but I'm sure it won't be long now. We really can't wait for Spring and the return of flowering plants to the outdoors. Hope you enjoyed this much needed injection of colour. … Continue reading Plants IV

Plants III

I thought now was probably the right time to put up some more plants. I hope these serve as a reminder that soon the cold will be gone, it won't be dark when you finish work, the ground will not be icy, the trees will not be leafless, the world will not be devoid of … Continue reading Plants III

Plants II

Here is another selection of the best looking plants we have seen. We are looking forward to Spring when vibrant flowers like these will be starting to reappear (and also when there will be considerably more daylight hours to walk in than there are now). Hope you enjoy them. More plants and animals to follow … Continue reading Plants II

Plants I

I know plants aren't strictly wildlife (hold the comments) but Greenspace Botany didn't have the same ring to it. To give you a break from all the birds we have seen on our travels, we though we would start sharing some of the more noteworthy plants we have seen. Here are some to get us started; hope … Continue reading Plants I