Birds VIII

First 'Birds' post of the new year. Looking forward to getting back our there and snapping lots more wildlife this year. 2017's walking has already started and we can already tell it's going to be a good year. Please enjoy the below; Hope you liked these. Our archive of bird pictures shows no signs of being depleted … Continue reading Birds VIII

Birds VI

More birds here. Swans mainly. You know the drill at this stage. Look, like, love. Particularly pleased with this set I must say. More birds soon as well as more plants and more bugs. If you missed it, make sure you check out our visit to Blockley in the Cotswolds. The last instalments of Greenspace … Continue reading Birds VI

Birds V

Hello All and Happy November. Things have been very busy for us so this is the first post we have managed this month. Have another set of birds for you. Just when I think we might be getting to the end of our bird pictures, we find another load. Also, the other day whilst walking, … Continue reading Birds V

Birds IV

An assortment of birds this time round. Mostly waterbirds but some others as well that I felt deserved to be featured. Still haven't been able to 11 that pesky kingfisher. One of these days... Struggling to take a decent picture of a squirrel as well; they are usually in too much of a hurry for … Continue reading Birds IV

Birds II

As the first one went down so well, here is another batch of our best pictures of waterbirds from our travels. Votes on which one is the cutest at the bottom please. More wildlife to come in the not so distant future. Hope you liked and, as always, thanks for reading. Keep Exploring! Best Regards, … Continue reading Birds II

Birds I

Spending lots of time outdoors means that inevitably we have seen a great deal of wildlife by this point. Although not all of it has been considerate enough to stay still so I can take a photo of it, most do comply and so it would be a shame not to share some of the best pics we have taken, … Continue reading Birds I